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Iter (latin) : way, walk, journey, travel

AM : Asset Management

Iteram Hottinger & Cie is active in asset management, wealth management and asset services. In 2018, ITERAM investments S.A. celebrated its 17 years in Luxembourg. The company was founded in July 2001 and was renamed ITERAM investments S.A. to the occasion of its new AIFM licensing agreement. In April 2018, ITERAM Investments S.A. and Hottinger & Cie Groupe Financière Hottinguer S.A. merged to become Iteram Hottinger & Cie.
We stand for a holistic vision of investment, blending asset allocation, active management and structuring capability in the portfolio management as well as in the real estate field.
This allows us to deliver tailor-made solutions to its customers. Through its experience and flexibility, we deliver solution-based services within a world of complex financial and real estate challenges.
Iteram Hottinger & Cie's  open architecture philosophy allows the company to partner with any specialist in any field necessary, in order to carry out the mandate agreed upon with our clients.
Iteram Hottinger & Cie is a non-independent structure regarding MiFIDII legislation.